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Champion Churches

There are 100 counties in North Carolina. Our goal is to have at least 2 Champion Churches in each county that are creating a culture of foster care and adoption within their community.

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Fostering a heart for orphans in the local church.

Become a champion Church

At the heart of our mission is the local church. We want to partner alongside the body of Christ all over North Carolina to see the church lead the way in caring for orphans, just as we are instructed to in the book of James.


We want to work together towards this goal, and in order to do that, we want to establish leaders within each county. If you believe in this goal and want to partner with us, here's all you need to get started:


4 volunteers needed within each Champion Church:

1.One More One Less Project Leader

2. Prayer Team Leader

3. Foster Parent/Guardian Ad Litem Leader

4. Community Care Leader

Are you ready to answer the call? Is your church ready to take this step of faith? Or maybe you feel passionate about this mission but don't know where to start? You can start today! Head to our contact page and we would love to help you!

Champion Church
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Our Champion Churches

Our goal is to see champion churches in every county in North Carolina. We're so excited to see all the places that God is already working with Champion Churches and those in the developmental phase. Continue checking back here to see all the progress to come! If you want to join this list, send us a message to get started.

Become A Part Of Our Mission

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