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Not Far From Home

Not Far From Home is a vision God placed on our hearts after we were seeing children age out of the foster care system and trying to figure out where they would go and what they would do with their lives. We have witnessed children on the streets firsthand due to lack of support, guidance, and clear direction in their lives. We want to give these youth a chance at a successful future.  Since we believe “Not Far From Home” is a God-given vision, we believe that God will provide the people and tools needed to make the vision a success! We look forward to seeing how the church steps into serving alongside this ministry, further intertwining the local church with foster care and adoption. We really look forward to seeing how God grows this ministry and uses it to make His name more famous! 

more information:

The vision for Not Far From Home came about in 2020 during the world-wide pandemic of Covid-19. Our communities and churches shut down completely and while we imagined this would last for a couple of weeks, it turned into a whole year! We knew that the vision to Inform, Inspire and Intertwine the local church with adoption and foster care couldn’t happen virtually. While we completely trust that God has laid this vision on our hearts, we also knew we couldn’t sit and do nothing until they opened their doors again. And even when they did open their doors, we knew things would function differently for a while. We are continuously amazed by our God - that while the world seemed to be at a stand still and many organizations suffered, God made a way for us to create something new. We pray this gives you a greater glimpse of God's heart towards orphans - that even when the world seems to be closed down, that will not stop God from going after the one. "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18. Within our first year as One More One Less Project, we have seen so many situations where teens were trying to figure out what they would do after foster care or where they would go, and many had no ideal options.  Sometimes, when there is no clear direction, these teens would be forced to go back to situations they were removed from or end up on the streets. This only perpetuates the cycle of foster care. We saw very clearly what Solomon meant in Proverbs when he said, “Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint.” These youth never wanted to be in foster care in the first place so when the time is near for them to be on their own, they desire independence. However, this can be a very scary and unpredictable time for them - that is where we feel this vision can help! 


Not Far From Home is a 12-month discipleship program where teens or young adults between the ages of 18 and 21 can decide to become a part of our program and spend a year gaining wisdom and knowledge about what tools they need to have a successful and independent future. We hope all of this takes place while these young adults are building relationships that will last a lifetime within the church and inside of our organization. Below are some practical steps we will be taking to engage them while they are a part of our program:


Jobs For Life (Job readiness program along with spiritual mentorship)

Discipleship Curriculum (spiritual mentorship)

Financial Literacy 

Healthy Relationships Program

Life’s Healing Choices 


You will find an application below if you are a foster child or young adult interested in this program or would want more information about this program! You can also contact us by email at

Application/Interest: Click Here

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