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Where I was when my babies were born

Tonight I pray specifically for more foster parents because in my quiet unsuspecting community, there is a need tonight, and there is no one to answer that need.

My friends who are interested but not yet committed?

I say to you, "I was there too. I was 'interested,' and while God was working on my heart, my babies (whose heads are softly laid on pillows in the next room tonight) were already living and breathing here on the earth."

When my first baby was born years ago, I was riding around my home town with my sister. At that point, fostering was nowhere on my radar.

When my second baby was born, I was living in a developing country hosting a volunteer team. Again, no awareness that while God was healing my heart broken and bleeding, my second little baby was being born thousands of miles away.

And when my third baby was born, I was rooming with some of my favorite people on earth, trying to focus on running 3 miles a day and falling in love with my beautiful city. And I had no idea that while I was earning my graduate degree, my little man was taking his first breath.

I would say to you that while you are coming around to the idea of fostering, God may be preparing a place in your heart to love the most vulnerable children who will push you to your limits and push you closer to God. God bends his ear to their cry. He delivers justice for them. And that justice? That justice may involve you.

Tonight, I'm praying for potential foster parents to love their future babies today by beginning the process and attending an orientation. If you're interested, take one step. And reach out to the child welfare agency in your state. If you need help, let me know.

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